The SW CASC is a partnership between the U.S. Geological Survey and a consortium of seven institutions led by the University of Arizona. Leadership includes the USGS Director and Deputy Director, who are responsible for administering the USGS budget and coordination with NCASC (National Climate Adaptation Science Centers), and the University Director and Assistant Director, who are responsible for administering the core hosting agreement and coordinating the multi-university consortium. Additionally, other SW CASC team members are the USGS Administrative Officer, Bureau of Indian Affairs Tribal Climate Science Liaison, Science Communications Coordinator, as well as graduate and undergraduate student assistants.

Stephen Jackson


Federal Director

Gregg Garfin

University of Arizona

University Director

Carolyn Enquist


Deputy Director

Anita Govert

University of Arizona

Assistant Director

Mattias Amezquita-Fox

University of Arizona

Website Coordinator

Sarah Gruza

University of Arizona

Program Assistant-Student Contractor

Sarah LeRoy

University of Arizona

Science Communications Coordinator

Earyn McGee

University of Arizona

Communications Assistant

Bryson Mineart

University of Arizona

Student Assistant

Khuyen Stroud

University of Arizona

Research Administrator

Althea Walker

American Indian Higher Education Consortium

Tribal Climate Adaptation Science Liaison

Missy Matty


Administrative Officer