2020-21 NRWD Fellows

2020-2021 NRWD Fellows

The NRWD Fellows selected are graduate students in research-based thesis or dissertation-granting programs at the seven SW CASC consortium institutions. The fellowship science theme this year is management in the aftermath of landscape-scale disturbances. The cohort of eight Fellows will continue working together over the course of 12 months via Zoom and conclude with an in-person gathering and final presentation in Fall 2021 at USU. View this storymap to meet the ’20-’21 Fellows and hear their experiences.

Benjamin Davis

2020-2021 Fellow University of California, San Diego PhD Candidate

Sonia Delphin-Perez

University of Arizona 2020-2021 Fellow PhD Candidate

Carlie Domingues

University of California, Davis 2020-2021 Fellow PhD Candidate

Johanna Eidmann

Colorado State University 2020-2021 Fellows PhD Candidate

Samantha Faulstich

University of Nevada, Reno 2020-2021 Fellow PhD Candidate

Anna Murveit

University of Arizona 2020-2021 Fellow M.S. candidate

Jacob Stuivenvolt Allen

Utah State University 2020-2021 Fellow M.S. Student

Tanner Waters

University of California, Los Angeles 2020-2021 Fellow PhD Candidate