Come Rain or Shine

Come Rain or Shine is a podcast produced by the SW Climate Adaptation Science Center (SW
CASC) and the USDA Southwest Climate Hub. Each month, we highlight stories to share the
most recent advances in climate science, weather, and climate adaptation and innovative
practices to support resilient landscapes and communities. We believe that sharing some of the
most innovative, forward-thinking and creative climate science and adaptation will strengthen
our collective ability to respond to even the most challenging impacts of climate change in one
of the hottest and driest regions of the world.

Episodes will be published on the first Wednesday of every month.

If you want more information, have any questions for the speakers, or would like to offer
feedback, please contact Sarah LeRoy at sary21@arizona.edu.

Funding for the podcast comes from the U.S. Geological Survey, the U.S. Department of
Agriculture Agricultural Research Service, and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture
funded Sustainable Southwest Beef Project.

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S2 Episode 13: Drought & the 2021 Monsoon Season
Nov 3 2021
Dr. Dave DuBois,, and
Dr. Erin Saffell
Dr. Steph McAfee
S2 Episode 12: Water Desalination: Barriers and Opportunities
Oct 6 2021
Dr. Sam Fernald
Dr. Pei Xu
S2 Episode 11: Extreme Heat & Urban Planning
Sep 1 2021
Dr. Ladd Keith
Dr. Dave Hondula
Lisa LaRocque
S2 Episode 10: Extreme Heat & Public Health
Aug 4 2021
Dr. Jennifer Vanos
Dr. Rachel Braun
Dr. Adelle Monteblanco
S2 Episode 9: Drought Adaptation & Social Learning
Jul 7 2021
Jen Henderson
S2 Episode 8: CoCoRaHS: Citizen Science in Weather Reporting
Jun 1 2021
Nolan Doesken
Henry Reges
Noah Newman
S2 Episode 7: Drought, Snowpack, and Streamflow
May 5 2021
Dr. Brad Udall
Dr. Adrian Harpold
S2 Episode 6: Grass-Cast: A Grassland Productivity Forecasting Tool
Apr 21 2021
Dr. Dannele Peck
S2 Episode 5: Drought Impacts on Mental Health
Apr 7 2021
Shasta Gaughen
Jesse Bell
Don McMoran
S2 Episode 4: Drought & Natural Resources Management
Mar 3 2021
Dr. Sasha Reed
Dr. Seth Munson


Episode 1: Fire in the Southwest, Today
Don Falk
Tim Brown
Tamara Wall