2021 Southwest Adaptation Forum


In April, 2021, the SW CASC co-convened the 2021 Southwest Adaptation Forum (SWAF) with the Climate Science Alliance (CSA). Building on takeaways from the 2018 Forum, the 2021 SWAF convened leaders, practitioners, and researchers from across the Southwest to explore efforts advancing climate change adaptation and resilience. Unique to the 2021 SWAF was the Tribal Advisory Committee, made up of tribal environmental professionals representing a diverse composition of Indigenous Nations across Southwest states, who led the visioning for the event. Over the course of 3 days, adaptation professionals interacted in 22 sessions, with presentations, panel discussions, and a powerful, interactive training for scientists and practitioners working with, or looking to collaborate with, Indigenous Communities. Use the links below to dig deeper into the 2021 SWAF.

2021 SWAF Website

2021 SWAF Summary

Day 1 Presentations

Day 2 Presentations

Day 3 Presentations