Michiko Beauchamp

Data Steward

Michiko Beauchamp is a self-professed map nerd joining the team from northern California. Michiko enjoys taking on challenges that require innovation and creativity, which makes her well-suited as our team's Data Steward. Michiko provides data management support and technical expertise to each project, ensuring that all project data products follow FAIR and CARE principles, and makes their way through the Data Lifecycle

Her background as a science communicator, data wizard, and seasoned field biologist have come in handy to refine workflows and develop new tools to make data analysis and documentation easier. These skillsets have led her to work in southern Florida ecosystems with the National Park Service and a university wildlife lab, and on to the Southwest and Pacific coast as a regional data manager with US Fish and Wildlife Service. Michiko has always valued creating connections with the people and community she works with - you never know where a conversation could lead, or the inspiration you can walk home with. In her free time Michiko enjoys traveling, volunteering, and joining in on citizen science endeavors.