SW CASC Fellows Highlights

Hope from Strife: Working from Home with the SW CASC NRWD Fellows

8 months 2 weeks ago
John Kemper
It’s 1 PM, and I’m sitting on the couch. Again, that is – it’s the only spot in the house where I can participate in a digital meeting that doesn’t make it look like I’m checking in from the bottom of a cave or the surface of the sun.

Navigating Research as a Cohort

11 months 1 week ago
Drew Eppehimer
We live in a time of global change in which environmental issues are becoming increasingly evident. These issues are a culmination of complex and evolving interactions between organisms and their environment including human dimensions such as political, economic, and social realities/perceptions. Likewise, solutions to these environmental issues are complex, evolving, and multidisciplinary. This is important for all fields of study including my own dissertation research at the University of Arizona. I study stream ecology, specifically aquatic invertebrates in desert rivers that are fed by treated wastewater. The long-range goal of my research is to assess the potential of treated wastewater to support aquatic ecosystems to help buffer the impacts of climate change and population growth on these aridland systems, while also understanding the limitations of this artificial flow.