New Brief Discusses Cultural Burning and the Relationship with Fire

April 8, 2021
Screenshot of first page of Cultural Burning and the Relationship with Fire brief.

To add to our many resources on cultural burning, the SW CASC has developed a brief that summarizes and synthesizes the current state of knowledge regarding cultural burning. The brief describes what cultural burning is and its history, its benefits for ecosystems, barriers and opportunities to restoring cultural burning, and recent SW CASC research and efforts to use cultural burning as a climate adaptation strategy. Special thanks to Corwin Carroll, BIA Pathways Intern to the SW CASC advised by Althea Walker (AIHEC/SW CASC), for writing this brief, and to Ron Goode (North Fork Mono Tribe), Jonathan Long (US Forest Service), and Beth Rose Middleton (University of California, Davis) for their extensive contributions. View and download the brief, and view our other cultural burning resources, here.

Download PDF