Stephen Jackson

Senior Advisor to the National CASC on Biodiversity and Climate Change (on detail)
SW CASC Federal Director

Steve Jackson's core research interests lie at the intersection of ecology and paleoecology, applying paleoecological records to address ecological questions. What happens to ecosystems when climate changes? How do species expand their ranges into new territory? What dynamics play out at the retreating edge of a species range? What processes underlie the kaleidoscopic nature of ecological communities in time? How old are existing communities, and why did they arise in their current form? How are properties of populations and ecosystems recorded in paleoecological archives? Steve has been opportunistic in pursuing these questions, employing whatever suites of analytical tools and study locales are best-suited to the particular questions. Some projects focus on the past 300 years, while others span the past 40,000 years. 

In the mid-1990s, his interests expanded to encompass the implications of ecological history for conservation and resource management.  And since ca. 2010, Steve has become increasingly committed to bridging the barriers between the climate-science research communities and the natural-resource management community, helping decision-makers address the critical challenges posed by climate change.

Founding Federal Director (USGS)

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