NRWD Fellowship

NRWD Fellowship

Justin Brown

University of California, Davis 2022-2023 Fellow Ph.D. in Native American Studies

Haley Canham

Utah State University 2022-2023 Fellow Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, River Mechanics and Modeling focus

Elijah Catalan

UCLA 2022-2023 Fellow Ph.D. in Environment and Sustainability

Gods'gift Chukwuonye

University of Arizona 2022-2023 Fellow Ph.D. in Environmental Science

Benjamin Davis

2020-2021 Fellow University of California, San Diego PhD Candidate

Sonia Delphin-Perez

University of Arizona 2020-2021 Fellow PhD Candidate

Carlie Domingues

University of California, Davis 2020-2021 Fellow PhD Candidate

Johanna Eidmann

Colorado State University 2020-2021 Fellows PhD Candidate

Drew Eppehimer

2019-2020 Fellow PhD Candidate

Elizabeth Fard

University of California, Los Angeles 2019-2020 Fellow PhD Candidate

Samantha Faulstich

University of Nevada, Reno 2020-2021 Fellow PhD Candidate

Anne Hegli

Desert Research Institute 2021-2022 Fellow PhD in Atmospheric Science

Lydia Jennings

University of Arizona 2019-2020 Fellow PhD Candidate

John Kemper

Colorado State University 2019-2020 Fellow PhD Candidate

Charmaine Leonidas

University of Arizona 2022-2023 Fellow M.S. in Water, Society, and Policy