TE Training

In April, 2018, the SW Climate Adaptation Science Center convened a two-day short course on translational ecology. The short course was a training for graduate students and early career scientists, on principles and tools for the co-production of environmental science to inform decision-making, through the lens of Translational Ecology (TE).


The goal of the training was to develop capacity for understanding and implementing the

principles of the co-production of knowledge, which can lead to increased generation of

actionable science and more efficient adoption of science in natural resources

management decision-making.

The training included:

  • Overview of the principles of the co-production of science and policy
  • Overview of key interpersonal and professional skills for successful knowledge co-production
  • Primer on meeting facilitation techniques, and opportunities to practice, using plausible stakeholder meeting scenarios, related to climate adaptation planning.
  • Material on science communication: graphics and messaging techniques and tips.
  • Case studies and face-to-face discussions with resource managers and scientists on the knowledge co-production process, and climate adaptation planning challenges and realities. Opportunity to apply workshop techniques for convening an ice-breaker discussion with stakeholders.