Stakeholder Engagement

Christine L. Schirmer

Coordination and convening of federal and other climate-adaptation entities. The SW CASC has taken the initiative to organize and foster discussions from the regional to national level among diverse climate-adaptation entities, including RISAs, USDA Hubs, CASCs, and conservation partnerships. We have also drawn NGOs and state and local agencies as appropriate. Activities include symposia and panels at the National Adaptation Forum, CPAWS, and AGU, with future ones planned for NAFWA, ESA, and other meetings. These discussions are fostering coordination and utilization of existing capacity more effectively and identifying critical gaps and needs in climate-adaptation capacity. It is also increasing awareness and motivating action in climate adaptation.

Convening stakeholder groups. The SWCASC organized a well-attended symposium and panel discussion, Forests in the Oven, in Flagstaff, AZ, that drew together the leading regional and national experts on forest dieback and consequences of future hotter droughts. The SW CASC worked closely with several LCCs, the USDA Southwest Hub, California state agencies, and NGOs to organize and convene the Southwest Climate Summit, attended by more than 250 scientists and managers, ad featuring a broad set of presentations, discussions, and workshops. The SW CASC collaborated with the Society for Conservation Biology to plan and convene a workshop on Adaptation Planning, attended by a large cross-section of managers and scientists from across the Southwest. These activities increased knowledge, disseminated knowledge and perspectives, fostered discussions, raised awareness, and generated enthusiasm and energy for climate adaptation activities across the region.