S2 Episode 11: Extreme Heat & Urban Planning


Come Rain or Shine Series, Season 2 Episode 11: In this episode we continue our conversation around the topic of extreme heat. We visit with three experts in urban planning to discuss how we can mitigate public health impacts of extreme heat through improved urban planning and green infrastructure. Dr. Ladd Keith, a researcher at the University of Arizona, Dr. Dave Hondula, a researcher at Arizona State University, and Lisa LaRocque, Sustainability Officer for the City of Las Cruces, New Mexico, share their insights and experiences with us in managing this natural hazard within an urban planning framework. Episode art from Pixabay.

Staying safe in the heat:

National weather service heat safety tips & resources

National Integrated Heat Health Information System

Arizona Department of Health Services’ Extreme Heat Guidelines

Taking action:

University of Arizona Extreme Heat Network

Cities Must Plan for Heat Resilience Now

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021