SW Climate Adaptation Science Center Postdoc Opportunity!


The University of California, Davis, in collaboration with the USGS Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (SW CASC), invites applications for a Postdoctoral Fellowship with a focus on Indigenous-led applications of fire in the Southwest for a 2-year period, beginning June 1, 2021. The postdoc will be able to work across both the Middleton and Safford research groups, with projects including cultural burning demonstration, outreach, and education (Middleton); cultural burn policy analysis (Middleton); and the ecological impacts of low-intensity fire on SW and Australian ecosystems (Safford). The postdoc will contribute to the need to understand more of the scope of, challenges and opportunities for, and multifaceted outcomes of Indigenous burning, in California and throughout the SW CASC region—in order to better identify regional or state barriers, activate opportunities, and offer support to cultural fire efforts. Following the best practices of Lam et al. through research, analysis, synthesis, and knowledge sharing, we endeavor to bridge Western and Indigenous knowledge for fire-focused climate adaptation in southwestern ecosystems. We work collaboratively across the CASC network to respond to research needs and develop relevant products for natural resource managers. 

See the full position description in the PDF below or on UC Davis' website here. Hurry, applications are due Friday 5/14!

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