Linking Indigenous Food Knowledge in the Arctic and the Southwest

Jan. 21, 2021


Image Credit: USDA

A recent article in Eos describes a new network that connects Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars in the Arctic and the U.S. Southwest to coproduce solutions in food sovereignty. The Arctic region and the Southwest face similar challenges in the future due to climate change, as well as similar challenges to food resilience and sovereignty. The Indigenous Foods Knowledges Network (IFKN) was created in 2017 by the University of Colorado and the University of Arizona, and members of the network, driven primarily by Indigenous community leaders and scholars, exchange knowledge about ways to maintain traditional foods and ways of life.

IFKN members recently received an additional grant, to study the effects of COVID-19 on food access for Indigenous communities. SW CASC Tribal Climate Science Liaison, Althea Walker, is quoted in the Eos article and explains that addressing COVID-19 vulnerabilities better prepares us for other crises, such as the climate crisis.

Read the full article here.