Southern New Mexico / Western US Dust Symposium

The purpose of this symposium is to ultimately answer one question: “Are opportunities to apply dust research being missed?” Federal, state, and local agencies create policies for clean and healthy air, which benefit from both national and international research. However, difficulties arise in translating research results into policy. This symposium will attempt to bridge the gap between research and applications into policy-making that results in tangible public benefits. Topics on the agenda include dust and PM10 mitigation issues in Southern New Mexico and beyond; dust impacts on environmental quality, transportation safety, and public health; and the state-of-the-science in airborne dust research. This symposium focuses on windblown dust in the southwestern U.S. and North America, but with a global context. Register here for the last two days!


Mon, 10/25/2021 (All day) to Wed, 10/27/2021 (All day)

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New Mexico Department of Environment
NASA Applied Science
George Mason University

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