Climate Adaptation Postdoctoral Fellowship

The science mission of the CASCs is to “develop science, data, and tools to help natural and cultural resource managers address the impacts of climate change on fish, wildlife, ecosystems, & the communities they support.” The Alaska CASC approaches this mission for Alaska-specific impacts of climate change and variability on landscapes and resources important to our partners in research and management. They provide climate information, projections, and climate impacts modeling for Federal agency, Tribal, and other partners. 

Research ProjectThe research will focus on the roles of climate variability and change in forest ecosystem responses in Alaska. Existing downscaled historical climate and future climate projections will be used to evaluate current climatic controls on forest responses (potentially including insect-driven forest mortality, wildfire regimes, or tree growth). The participant will be involved in exploring the statistical modeling of these relationships and developing future plausible impacts for climate futures. The participant will also be involved in the translational science process – collaborating with land / resource managers or other decision makers to develop information useful in existing planning processes.

The participant will join a team conducting research on regional climate impacts pathways in Alaska, engage with federal and non-federal decision makers and researchers, and gain valuable experience being a part of a partnership-driven program within a federal science agency. Collaborative, use-inspired research is a core component of the AK CASC, and this opportunity will leverage existing partnerships and established needs for climate impacts information on climate-driven forest responses and related hydrologic changes. Results of this research will fill important gaps in understanding of climate-driven disturbance in Southeast and Southcentral Alaska.

For more on the position and project, as well as application information visit the Zintellect entry for the job here.


Monday, May 23, 2022


Alaska CASC


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