CAP Fellowship

Hosted by the USGS National and regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers (CASCs), the CAP Fellows Program supports management-relevant research and scientific synthesis at both national and regional scales. Each two-year fellowship cohort is centered around a common climate theme, such as wildfire or aquatic flows. Regional CASCs each host one fellow per cohort at an associated consortium university. Fellows work with mentors associated within their CASC to conduct regionally-relevant research related to the theme, focusing on the management challenges experienced by resource stewards in those areas. Simultaneously, the fellows also work with each other to create a national synthesis product that explores wide-scale implications of the theme. As part of this, the fellows come together periodically for workshops to develop their synthesis products and to undergo professional development training on topics such as translational ecology, mutual learning with stakeholders, iterative creative problem-solving, and interdisciplinary collaboration.  

The current 2021-23 cohort’s topic is “Future of Fire.” Seven fellows are combining their regional expertise on fire and climate impacts to jointly create a nation-wide wildfire management synthesis project. Fellows are also working independently on regionally-specific projects.

Read more about the current fellowship cohort and apply for future cohorts on the USGS website here


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